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Demography 145/History 139B Spring 2014

Carl Mason
UC Berkeley, Dept. of Demography

(Spring 2014 Lecture: M-W-F 3-4PM in 110 Barrows)
Section: Tu 3-4PM 2232 Piedmont Rm 101

Lecture Topics Lab and Exam Related Stuff
Week 1 Jan 20-24
  • Monday Holiday
  • Introduction/Administrivia syllabus
  • World Demographic History. slides
  • The three humps of human history Sapolsky
  • General Information about Labs
    LAB 0 Assignment and Data
    Week 2 Jan27-31
  • Life in the Americas in 1491 Mann
  • The Colonial Period

  • Virginia: The first "successful" colony in British North America. slides
  • English constitutionalism, society and population. Hakluyt Morgan
  • American Unfreedom and "classical" republicanism. Berkeley
  • Section Meets

    Lab 0 Due Jan31 (11:59PM)

    Week 3 Feb3-7
  • New England: Puritan city on a hill... then Yankees. slides
  • English Reformation, religious settlements and Puritanism. Winthrop Dedham town covenant Winthrop
  • Growth of New England's population and economy; development of "liberal" republicanism. Daniels Ch2
  • LAB 1 Assignment, Data

    The Westward Migration of Slavery slides

    Week 4 Feb10-14
  • The Rest of British North America. slides
  • The enslaved majority in the Deep South; Diversity of a protestant sort in the Middle Colonies; and "Scots-Irish" on the frontier. Dunn Daniels Ch3-4
  • The Revolution and the Republic. slides
  • The "asylum for mankind" ideology and citizenship CreveCouer
  • LAB 1 Discussion: Fogel and Engermann slides

    Section Meets

    Week 5 Feb17-21
  • Monday Holiday
  • The Naturalization Act of 1790...1795..1798..1800. Anti-radical nativism. Jefferson, Hamilton and the first party system. Jefferson   Hamilton Daniels Ch5

  • Section Meets

    LAB 1 DUE Feb21 (midnight)

    Week 6 Feb24-28

    The Pre-Industrial Period

  • Population and immigration in the 19th Century slides
  • Industrialization, Immigration and the Demographic Transition. Daniels Ch6
  • Industrialization, Immigration and the Demographic Transition. Pt-2 Daniels Ch6
  • Lab 1 Presentations

    Exam 1:Feb28
    Week 7 Mar3-7
  • German and Irish migration: rural to rural vs rural to urban migration; Famine; the Radical Attempt to conserve vs Exile. slides
  • Anti-Catholic Nativism and the Civil War slides
  • The Abolitionists the Irish and the Democrats. Morse. Irish Address
  • LAB 2 Assignment, Data
    New Lab Partners

    LAB 2 Discussion: Geographical and Occupational Isolation of Chinese in CA 1880

    Week 8 Mar10-15
  • The Know-Nothings,the Republicans and the Civil War
  • Chinese immigrants in California slides
  • Chinese immigration and Labor Unions: The mines; the railroads; the factories. Daniels Ch9
  • Chinese exclusion People vs Hall
  • Meet with instructor to craft ingenious thesis sign up
    Week 9 Mar17-21

    The Industrial Period

  • The Second Industrial Revolution and the Guilded Age slides
  • Big Industry; "New" labor immigration; and immigrants in urban America
  • Daniels Chap 7-8
  • The Progressive Era: The reaction slides
  • Immigration Restriction League and the Literacy Test Ward Walker
  • Scientific Racism E.A. Ross (Chap 12)
  • Extended Office Hours Tuesday (3/18) sign up
    LAB 2 Due Mar21

    Mar 24-28 Spring Break
    Week 10 Mar31-Apr4
  • World War I: Hysteria and Legal Restriction slides
  • The Literacy Test again and again; The Gentlemen's Agreement; The Asian Barred Zone; WWI Neutrality and German-Americans. (audio)Gerhart
  • The Sedition Act of 1918; The Red Scare; The Nationalities Act of 1924 and it's aftermath. Daniels Chap 10
  • LAB 2 Presentations

    Section Meets (Friday)

    LAB 3 Assignment
    New lab partners.
    Week 11 Apr7-11
  • Depression and Rising Tensions slides
  • Effects of Nationalities Act, Interactions between race and law: Plessy vs Furgusen, Ozawa, Thind, Cardozian Ozawa Thind
  • Section Meets (Tuesday)

    LAB 3 Discussion:Hispanic Families Suro Chap 1-3

    Exam 2:Apr 11
    Week 12 Apr14-18
  • Depression; Philippine Independence; Jewish refugees; Mexican repatriation. Daniels Chap 11
  • World War II slides
  • Japanese internment; Repeal of Chinese Exclusion Act.
  • LAB 3 Discussion

    Hispanic Families and Data Suro Chap 4-18

    Meet with instructor to craft ingenious thesis for Lab 3 sign up

    Week 13 Apr21-25

    The Post-Industrial Period

  • Cold War and Civil Rights Era slides
  • Displaced Persons; Quotas; McCarran-Walter Act. Daniels Chap 13
  • The Hart Cellar Act(1965) The End of Nationalities Quotas.
  • Section Meets
    Week 14 Apr28-May2
  • Liberalization of Immigration in the 1980s and 90s. slides
  • Refugees and Asylees: Cubans; Central Americans; Refugee Act of 1980;Mariel Boat Lift.
  • Undocumented Aliens, the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 and its failure. Daniels Chap 16
  • Economic impacts of immigration slides
  • LAB 3 Due: May2

    Week 15 May5-9
  • Reading Review and Recitation Week
  • May 5 Lab Presentations
  • May 7 Lab Presentations

    LAB 3 Presentations

    Finals Week May 7-11
    • Final Exam Group 12: WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 2014 7-10P