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Professor Josh Goldstein has been elected members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Josh is one of the six new members elected in the American Academy section that includes Anthropology, Sociology, Demography, and Archaeology.He is one of two Berkeley faculty chosen among the class that covers the Social Sciences.

The American Academy was founded in 1780, as the Revolutionary War drew to a close, by John Adams, George Washington, and others to foster science and the arts in the new nation. It is based in Cambridge, MA., publishes the journal Daedalus, and has an active program of panels and working groups, most recently on the future of public higher education.


We are pleased to announce our Third Annual Workshop on Formal Demography, to take place June 5-9, 2017, here at the UC Berkeley Campus. Funded by NICHD R25HD083136 and co-sponsored by the Center on the Economics and Demography of Aging (CEDA) and the Berkeley Population Center, this workshop will consist of two parts. The first part is a 3-day workshop on formal demographic methods. Trainees will learn a variety of methods and applications with a hands-on active-learning approach. The next two days, Thursday and Friday, June 8-9, will be a conference, with presentations by leading demographers. 

•This year's Special Emphasis will be on Fertility Patterns Over Time, organized by Prof. Josh Goldstein (Demography, UC Berkeley) and Dr. Magali Barbieri (INED).  Josh Goldstein is the founding director of The Human Fertility Database (HFD)(link is external). HFD is free and user-friendly access to detailed and high-quality data on period and cohort fertility and thus to facilitate research on changes and inter-country differences in fertility in the past and in the modern era.

•For any questions, please write to Dr. Leora Lawton, Executive Director, Berkeley Population Center, sends e-mail).

New Faculty Member: The Berkeley Department of Demography is delighted to announce that Dennis Feehan, who completed his doctoral work at Princeton University in 2015, will be joining the faculty in January 2016. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Facebook and we look forward to his contributions in big data and other innovative methods of demographic research.

Visiting Faculty:  David Reher will be visiting the Department in the spring 2016, and teaching the Era of Modern Population Growth. 

Grants Awarded

  • Claude Fischer, with Tara McKay (now at Vanderbilt) received an Administrative Supplement, on the parent UCNets award "Understanding how personal networks change," R01AG041955 (Oct 2015).
  • Ron Lee received a grant from NIA R24AG045055, "Formal and informal support systems for the elderly in 50 countries" (Sept 2015)
  • Josh Goldstein and Leora Lawton received a five-year grant from NIA R25AG047848 to create Cal-ADAR: Advancing Diversity in Undergraduate Education.   (Sept 2015)
  • Josh Goldstein is PI on a five-year grant to run summer Berkeley Workshops in Formal Demography, funded by NICHD R25HD083136.  (May 2015)