Department of Demography

Spring 2017 Brown Bag Seminars

(Funding partially provided by the Berkeley Population Center and by CEDA)

Brown Bag seminars are ordinarily held in the seminar room at 2232 Piedmont Avenue, usually on Wednesdays, from 12:10 to 1:00, although the discussion often continues for ten or fifteen minutes past 1:00. Please try to arrive before 12:10 so that we can start promptly at the scheduled time. Papers are not generally circulated in advance. Regular and decaffeinated coffee will be available, as well as cookies and hot water for tea. Administrative inquiries may be addressed to the Demography Office at 642-9800, or If you would like to inquire about presenting a seminar yourself, or have suggestions for other potential speakers, please contact Josh Goldstein at

Video of past presentations can be viewed at

Selected Brown Bag presentations from 2011 and 2012 may be viewed at UCTV.


Spring 2017 Brown Bag Presentations


  • January 25: Lowell Taylor (Carnegie Mellon University), The Intergeneration Transmission of Human Capital: Evidence from the Golden Era of Upward Mobility.

  • February 1: Claude Fischer (UC Berkeley), Introducing UCNets, Wave 1: Drawing on Family and Being Drawn on by Family.

  • February 8: **CANCELED** Hans-Peter Kohler (University of Pennsylvania), Surviving the Epidemic: Families and Well-Being, Malawi 1998—2013.

  • February 15: Elizabeth Root (Ohio State University), Local Context and the Effectiveness of Health Systems Decentralization in Rural Honduras: Evidence for Improved Child Health?

  • February 22: Jeremy Freese (Stanford University), The Problem of Causal Mutualisms, The Promise of Polygenic Scores, and the Pervasive Divergence of Human Lives.

  • March 1: Fabian Pfeffer (University of Michigan), Family Wealth as Intergenerational Insurance.

  • March 15: **CANCELED** Marcia Castro (Harvard University), Impact of the Zika Virus Outbreak on Brazilian Fertility.

  • March 22: Emma Spiro (University of Washington), Look Who's Watching: Understanding the Audience of Police on Social Media.

  • April 5: Philip Cohen (University of Maryland), Marriage, Birth Timing, Poverty and Health.

  • April 12: Population Association of America Conference Student Practice Presentations.

    The following students will present papers and posters:

    Leslie Root (Demography, PhD), will present "Explaining Russia's Fertility Trough and Rebound."

    Denys Dukhovnov (Demography, PhD) will present a poster titled, "Nonmonetary Transfers of Care Time in the United States:
    Differentials by Age, Sex, and Race." (Authors: Denys Dukhovnov, Emilio Zagheni, Joan Ryan.)

  • April 19: Christopher Muller (UC Berkeley), Tenancy, Marriage, and the Boll Weevil Infestation, 1892-1930.

  • May 3: Emily Marshall (Franklin and Marshall College), Measuring Cultural Models and Contraceptive Use Among Young US Women.