Department of Demography

Required forms and information for Brown Bag and BACPOP Presenters

  • In order to make any reimbursements or other payments to visitors the department must enter your information into the UC Berkeley Disbursements system. We will need to know your full name, address and social security number. (Non-citizens must have either a social security number issued during a previous stay in the United States or a US Tax Identification Number.) This information can be e-mailed, phoned or faxed to us, or you can inform the Office Assistant in person upon your arrival in the department.
  • All visitors requesting reimbursement for airfare, ground transportation, hotels or meals must provide original receipts and the following signed departmental form. Further instructions and restrictions are explained on the form.
  • American citizens and taxpayers living in a foreign country, must write a statement regarding their situation so they will not be expected to complete the additional forms required of non-citizens.
  • Non-citizens: we will need a photocopy of your passport, visa documentation and the I-94 card that was issued when you entered the US.
  • Non-citizens: in addition we will need the following forms: