Department of Demography

Complete Demography Course Listings

Course Title Note
24 Freshman Seminars (Various Topics)
110 Introduction to Population Analysis R, A
C126 Social Consequences of Population Dynamics R, A
145AC American Immigrant Experience A
C165 Family and Household in Comparative Perspective B
C175 Economic Demography R, A
C189 Demography and Anthropology: Population, Culture and Society B
C200 Population and Society B
210 Demographic Methods: Rates and Structures, Population Models R, A
211 Advanced Demographic Analysis A
213 Computer Applications for Demographic Analysis R, A
220 Human Fertility A
230 Human Mortality A
C236 Aging: Economic and Demographic Aspects A
240 Migration B
241 Immigration: Economic and Demographic Aspects A
250 Mathematical Demography B
256 Fundamentals of Population Theory B
260 Special Topics in Demography Seminar B
C275A Economic Demography A
295 Research Design: Introduction to Research R, A
296 Proseminar in Research R, A
298 Directed Reading A
299 Directed Research A
301 GSI Training A
601 Individual Study A
Explanation of Notes
R means the course is required for all graduate degrees.
A means the course is given annually or biennially.
B means the course is given less frequently, dependent on faculty resources and student demand.