Department of Demography

Spring 2017 Courses

The following courses will be offered during the spring semester. This schedule will be updated if any other courses are added to the schedule. Refer to the campus schedule of classes for last minute time and location updates and to verify number of spaces remaining in the class.

Demography/Econ C175
spring 2014 syllabus (pdf)
spring 2009 webcast
4 units

Introduction to Economic Demography. How do economic changes affect marriage, divorce, and child-bearing decisions? How does immigration to the US affect the ethnic composition of the population, the earnings of native workers, taxes on natives, and the macro-economy? What causes the aging of populations, and how will population aging affect the economies of industrial nations, and in particular, pension programs like Social Security? What accounts for the rise in women's participation in the wage labor force over the past century? How are family composition and poverty interrelated? Does rapid population growth slow economic development in Third World countries?

Joshua Goldstein, Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30-2:00pm in F295 Haas. Class Number 31157 (Demography) and 31158 (Economics).


Demography 198 Section 002

1 unit

Professionalization in the Social Sciences. Students preparing for careers in research, policy or related fields need to have certain professional and technical skills that are not usually provided within other existing courses. This class is designed to fill that need. Topics covered include: 

*Using Excel and PowerPoint to present statistical results.

*Using PowerPoint effectively in presentations.

*Getting from term papers to reports and articles

*Speaking to groups

*On the job skills and norms: proactivity and respect.

*Understanding structure and purpose in research organizations

*Responsible conduct of research


Leora Lawton. Tuesdays, 10-11am, Room 100 at 2232 Piedmont Avenue. Class Number 14044

Prerequisites: None. 

*This course is intended for Demography minors, Cal-ADAR students (Advancing Diversity in Aging Research), and juniors and seniors in the Social Sciences.


Demography 260 Section 002

4 units

260 Syllabus

Special Topics in Demography: Data Science. This course provides a broad introduction to the empirical and theoretical study of social networks. We will cover classic and contemporary studies, beginning with fundamental definitions and models, and then moving through a range of topics, including models of network formation and structure (homophily, foci, communities); dynamic processes on networks (contagion, influence, and disease models); collaborative networks; personal networks; online networks; and network sampling and data collection.  The course material is intended to be of interest to students from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds, including demography, sociology, statistics, computer science, and related fields.

Dennis Feehan. Wednesdays, 2pm-5pm, 2232 Piedmont Avenue, room 100 (seminar room). Class Number 14046.