Department of Demography

Coursework Only

Individuals who desire training in demography with no degree goal may attend courses at UC Berkeley for a period of no more than one year. For example, someone already working as a professional demographer may feel the need for advanced training; more generally, persons employed in local, state, or federal government or in industry may discover that some technical demographic training could improve the performance of their duties. This designation may also be appropriate for graduate students visiting from other universities. The Department is glad to provide training to qualified individuals in these categories on a Coursework Only basis (that is, without reference to a degree) when university admissions limits permit.

Persons intending to work for a graduate degree in Demography should not apply for Coursework Only status, as those entering in that status will not ordinarily be eligible for degree candidacy later on. Coursework Only participation requires essentially the same entrance qualifications as matriculation for a degree, although deficiencies in the earlier academic record may be ameliorated by subsequent professional experience. Coursework Only persons having continuing professional responsibilities frequently undertake study on a part-time basis. The application procedure is similar to that for regular graduate students and you will be included in the department's admissions quota.

Another alternative is to take our demography courses through University Extension "Concurrent Enrollment." Concurrent Enrollment students receive a University Extension transcript rather than a UC Berkeley transcript. Concurrent Enrollment students who later are admitted to a Demography degree program will not have to repeat these courses but may need to substitute other UC coursework to obtain sufficient course hours credit for their degree.