Department of Demography

Demography Art Show

Exhibit is now open and can be found among the other images at our new departmental Picasa website!

Disclaimer: this section is JUST FOR FUN!

A note from the curator, Carl Mason:

As part of our introductory class in computing methods for Demographers
(Demography 213), our first year students spend a week
learning some of the graphical methods in R ( an
excellent open source statistical analysis program.

Graphics are tremendously useful for data exploration as well as
displaying complex relationships among large volumes of demographic data.
The images contained in these pages however, are not useful at all. They
are all made from random numbers and trigonometric functions that seldom
creep into demographers' work. They are the product of an afternoon spent
wasting University resources in pursuit of graphs that just look cool.
While we *might* have learned something from producing these works, it is
highly unlikely that you will learn anything from looking at them.

(All open in new windows, please close to return to art show lobby)

  • Cohort 23, entering class, fall 2001
  • Cohort 24, entering class, fall 2002
  • Cohort 25, entering class, fall 2003
  • Cohort 26, entering class, fall 2004
  • Cohort 27, entering class, fall 2005
  • Cohort 28, entering class, fall 2006
  • Cohort 29, entering class, fall 2007
  • Cohort 30, entering class, fall 2008
  • Cohort 31, entering class, fall 2009