Department of Demography

The Eugene A. and Joan S. Hammel Dissertation Prize in Demographic Studies


The purpose of the Eugene A. and Joan S. Hammel Dissertation Prize Fund is to benefit graduate students in demographic studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

Criteria and Selection

Recipients of funding shall demonstrate a high level of academic distinction. Additional criteria for the award are technical sufficiency in demography, and the study of population in its cultural, social, historical, archaeological, or biological aspects. Recipients of this award will be graduate students pursuing demographic studies under the guidance of faculty members in the Department of Demography, no matter what their own formal department may be.

Recipients will be identified and selected jointly by the Chairs of the Departments of Demography and Anthroplogy or their designees in conjunction with the Graduate Division. If, in any year, the departments fail to find a qualified recipient, the award may be deferred to a later year.

Recipients of the Hammel Dissertation Prize

  • Emilio Zagheni, Spring 2011
  • Margaret Frye, Spring 2013