Department of Demography
Gretchen Donehower(Gretchen Donehower)

Gretchen S. Donehower

(formerly Gretchen Stockmayer)

Ph.D., Demography, UC Berkeley, 2004
M.A., Statistics, UC Berkeley, 2003
B.A., Economics and Math, Yale University, 1993

Academic Specialist and Researcher

Department of Demography, UC Berkeley
2232 Piedmont Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94720 USA

Resume (one page, focuses on work history
CV (about five pages, focuses on academic and research history)

I am currently working for the Center for the Economics and Demography of Aging (CEDA) as an Academic Specialist. I work on CEDA projects, but one of the main purposes of my job is to keep track of the many simulation and forecasting tools developed by CEDA researchers and to make them more accessible to the public and other researchers. The other purpose of my job involves the National Transfer Accounts Project (NTA). The NTA project seeks to estimate the age dimension of economic activity -- how we produce, consume, share and save by age. I maintain the age accounts for the United States and help develop methodology, coordinate research activities, conduct trainings and oversee estimate quality for the global project. Over 40 countries are now actively involved in NTA.

Throughout my professional and academic career, I have been interested in quantitative research methods and have contributed to research in various fields such as investment analysis, population forecasting, primate ecology, residential segregation, and education.