Department of Demography

Departmental and Project Staff

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Magali Barbieri
Office Phone: (510) 643-0246 E-Mail:
Researcher on a joint position with the French National Insitute for Demographic Studies (INED). Her responsibilities include among others to coordinate the Human Mortality Database team and to investigate the addition of cause of death series. Her research interests cover the health transition in both developed and developing countries as well as a wide range of demographic issues in sub-saharan Africa and South-East Asia (most notably Vietnam). Her personal web page can be found at

Carl Boe
Office Phone: (510) 982-6378 E-Mail:
Computer support, webmaster for CEDA and HMD.

Gretchen (Stockmayer) Donehower
Office Phone: none E-Mail:
CEDA researcher, coordination of forecasting and simulation tools developed by CEDA with the end goal of making these tools web-accessible with online documentation, thus facilitating their use by other researchers and the public. Her personal web page can be found at

Ellen Langer
Office Phone: (510) 642-3206 E-Mail:
Assistant to Professor Ronald D. Lee

Leora Lawton
Office Phone: (510) 928-7572 E-Mail:
Executive Director , Berkeley Population Center

Carl Mason
Office Phone: (510) 642-1255 E-Mail:
Instructor for Demography 145AC and 213, Demography Lab manager, Computer support.

David Murphy
Office Phone: (510) 280-1517 E-Mail:
Administrative Officer and Building Manager

Tim Riffe
Office Phone: (510) E-Mail:
Human Mortality Database country specialist and programmer. Maintains data for 14 countries included in the database, currently reprogramming much of the project infrastructure in R for future release. PhD from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain. Dissertation “The two-sex problem in population structured by remaining years of life”, defended June, 2013. General research interests include Mortality, Fertility
Elizabeth Vasile
Office Phone: (415) 509-4543 E-Mail:
Executive Director, Center on the Economics and Demography of Aging (CEDA)

Monique Verrier
Office Phone: (510) 642-9800 E-Mail:
Graduate Assistant and Graduate Admissions, Undergraduate Assistant, General office billing, student hiring, Brown Bag and BACPOP seminar coordination, general office questions.

Celeste Winant
Office Phone: E-Mail:
Applications Programmer

Lisa Yang
Office Phone: (510) 643-3384 E-Mail:
Human Mortality Database research support.