Department of Demography

Directory Updates, Progress Reports and Surveys

Student Directory Updates

Students, please review our student directory page and make sure that we have the most current public information posted for you. Also provide us with private information updates, including address and personal phone numbers, and emergency contact information. This information will only be accessed by Demography department staff. You will need to update your information with the university by using Bear Facts, and you should provie your new address and phone number to the Human Resources person of any department that is currently employing you.

Visitor Directory Updates

Visitors stay with the Demography department for periods of time ranging between two or three days, and several years. Often long-term working relationships are maintained, or become established, between visitors and faculty and visitors and graduate students. We would greatly appreciate having some background information about you and a way for people to contact you in the future. Your home address information is of use to the office in case you should receive mail after you leave.

Faculty and Staff Directory Updates

Faculty and Staff, after reviewing the current information on the Demography faculty directory, Sociology and Demography faculty directory or the staff directory, please let us know if your office has changed, your general areas of responsibility (staff) and your research interests (faculty and some staff) have changed or expanded.

Alumni, Former Trainees and Other Former Affiliates

Please keep us updated on your activities and your whereabouts. There are often people who knew you when you were in Berkeley who would love to get in touch with you. Also, when we apply for grant renewals we are asked to provide extensive statistics on former students and trainees. And finally, your careers are of great interest to potential students who are wondering what they will be able to do with a degree in Demography or in a related field. Please review your information in the alumni directory (arranged by year of entry) and tell is if it needs to be updated.

Student Progress Toward Degree

This report needs to be filled out annually each spring with details regarding your planned activities in the coming academic year. Not only is this information essential to our support planning, but the information relating to your dissertation title or research interests is required for grant reporting.

Web Page Suggestions

Suggestions on how to improve our web pages are always welcome. We will entertain all reasonable requests, time and web skills permitting, though there might be some delay in their implementation.

Summer Travel Plans

Faculty, students, staff, and visitors who will be leaving in the summer and returning in the fall: please tell us how to find you if you will be traveling this summer.