Department of Demography

Your Donations are Needed

demography seal imageA note on the significance of our program: Continuing a tradition begun in 1965, the Department of Demography offers training for advanced degrees in demography. The program is one of the very few in the United States granting graduate degrees in demography, rather than treating the subject as a field of specialization within another discipline. This training strategy permits greater concentration and depth in demography, as well as program flexibility and breadth in related subjects, helping students to attain both competence in the quantitative aspects of demography and breadth in social science theory and substance. A special characteristic of the program is its emphasis on individual interest, allowing students to pursue their own intellectual concerns while preserving the highest standards through rigorous theoretical and methodological training. A glance at our alumni directory will give some idea of the variety of careers taken up by our graduate students and NIH trainees associated with our department over the years.

Our support picture: The Demography Department has long sought to maximize graduate student support in the form of nomination for multiyear University fellowships (alternating university-funded stipend support years with years of guaranteed departmental employment), awarding of NIH and Hewlett funded Training Grants related to the students' fields of study, teaching and research assistant appointments, departmental Block Grant support and support for travel to conferences and study programs in the US and abroad. We forward information on outside fellowship sources to our students and encourage them to apply.

Unfortunately, recent drastic increases in student fees and cutbacks in state support for the UC system, and therefore cutbacks in departmental support, have eroded our ability to support students with our existing resources.

What your support could mean to a graduate student:

$500 helps to pay for travel to the annual Population Association of American meeting.

$1,500 helps to pay for travel expenses for a summer study program abroad.

$3,000 helps to pay for the actual summer study program as well.

$8,678 pays for one semester's fees for an in-state student (there are proposals for a portion of these fees to increase by 32% over the next two semesters)

$3,797 and $4,211 cover one semester's professional degree fees for a MA in Public Health and a MA in Public Policy (both potential ancillary MA degrees for our Demography PhD students).

$16,229 pays for one semester's fees and tuition for a non-resident student.

The Sharlin Library could use some support for the purchase of books, journals and datasets that will be used by our students and students in related programs who are taking our graduate level courses.

How to Donate:

The Give to Cal campaign maintains a donations page for the Demography Department. You may make a memorial gift, an honorary gift or a gift towards a very specific goal, such as the needs outlined above. This way you can be assured that your money will go to the purpose you had in mind. Please note also the possibility of matching funds from your employer, your spouse's employer or through the New Alumni Challenge program. Your gift will be adknowledged on this page and we will let you know how it was put to use. We deeply appreciate your support of the Demography program! If you are a Demography alum, please visit our alumni directory and give us an update on your activities.

If you have any questions about our departmental needs or the process required to make a donation, please contact either the Demography Chair, Joshua Goldstein,, or the Manager, David Murphy,