Department of Demography

Emergency Information

Some instructions in case of emergencies on the Berkeley campus:

  • To reach Campus Emergency from a campus phone, just dial 911 directly.
  • To reach the campus police for a non-emergency reason call 642-6760.
  • IMPORTANT: your cell phone won't reach 911 numbers by dialing 911. You need to program in the emergency phone number(s) for where you live and work. The campus emergency number for cell phone users is 642-3333.
  • Some other campus numbers you might need:
    • Urgent care/crisis at Tang Center during the day: 642-3188 (but they expect you to get there by yourself; if you couldn't you would call the campus police)
    • After hours Tang Center: 643-7197
    • Escort service to see you safely out of the campus area at night: 642-9255 (642-WALK).
    • Physical Plant (for when the toilet overflows on the weekend or evenings): 642-1032.
  • A website to visit in case of emergency not covered above:
  • Also, This website explains the alert and warning system that we hear at Brownbag time on the first Wednesday of every month, explains the idea of "shelter in place" and has a pull down list of what you should do in case of various types of emergencies.

What To Do Ahead of Time

There are campus emergency notification systems that you will want to register with before we are affected by an emergency:

  • The "Warn Me" system: To receive phone calls or text messages in case of an in-progress emergency.
  • The "People Locator" system: This system is maintained out of area and is a place where you can log in, even without a CalNet ID, and let your distant family and friends know your status. You can sign in, leave test messages, give the address to people who would want to know you were OK in case of an emergency.
  • Use your CalNet ID to log into Go to the menu on the left, click on Personal Information. Here you can fill in emergency contacts (relatives, neighbors, your choice) and update your own phone number, address, etc. This information becomes available to general campus administration.
  • Make sure that the Demography Department has your cell phone number and current home number so we could reach you if needed. Also a non-campus e-mail address that you actively monitor, if you have one, in case the campus systems are down. The Department is in the process of developing plans for what we would do in case we couldn't come on campus for an extended period of time. Having everybody's current contact information is an essential part of this plan.

Building Evacuation

Note that there are two assembly areas for building evacuation: in the first kind, we are to assemble in front of the building on Piedmont Ave. This would be in case of short-term or local-only evacuation. There we would take stock, see if anyone has not made it out of the building, decide when and if it is safe to re-enter the building. The second evacuation assembly area is for a campus/city wide scale of emergency. For Demography this area is the faculty glade to the north of the Music Building and the west of the Faculty Club. This is where the university will be setting up a comprehensive resource center to deal with the emergency.

There are hand-held emergency devices that should be available on each floor, though in our small building a loud voice on the main floor would probably reach most people. The Demography Department will be holding a practice emergency drill soon; we will provide further details if it seems refinement is needed in our procedures.