Ryan D. Edwards

Research Associate
Berkeley Population Center

Curriculum Coordinator
Data Science

University of California, Berkeley


Ph.D., Economics, U.C. Berkeley, 2002
A.B., Public & International Affairs, Princeton University, 1996

Curriculum Vitae: Short | Long

Research Interests: The economics of aging and health, macroeconomics, public finance, economic demography, national security, immigration

Teaching: Econometrics, statistics, economic demography, macroeconomics

Blog: Economic DeBLOGraphy


Edwards, Ryan D. and Francesc Ortega (2016) "The Economic Contribution of Unauthorized Workers: An Industry Analysis," NBER Working Paper 22834, November.

Edwards, Ryan D. (2017) "If My Blood Pressure Is High, Do I Take It To Heart? Behavioral Impacts of Biomarker Collection in the Health and Retirement Study," forthcoming in Demography, an update of NBER Working Paper 19311.


Spring 2015: Economics/Demography c175, Economic Demography

Fall 2015: Letters & Science 39G, Health, Human Behavior, and Data

Spring 2016: Economics/Demography c175, Economic Demography

Spring 2016: Letters & Science 88-1, Health, Human Behavior, and Data

Fall 2016 and Spring 2017: Statistics and Econometrics at Mills College

"What's a Connector For,", slides about my experience teaching a Data Science connector course in Fall 2015 and Spring 2016, from 10/26/2017